Application Form of 7Th Festival


– International İzmir Theatre Festival will be between 07-17 December 2018

– Applications can be made until 25th July 2018

The 7th İZMİR INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL which is founded by TAKSAV (FOUNDATION of SOCIAL RESEARCHES, CULTURE AND ART), will be executed between 7th and 17th of December 2018.

Art is a important fact to create independent society which contributes culture and leads men and society to modern world. New percipience, modern thoughts can be reached to the society most efficiently and permanently by art. Art, which gives meaning to the world and makes it livable, have been voice of conscience against the carnages and deaths of mankind’s history. And it will be.

Art and artist, which are adversative in their essence, shares every wrong in every situation. They don’t bow down to the power or the dominant ones. Art requires to being free by forcing limits of imagination, to being independent and to destroying stereotyped rules. Art, which is concrete form of “Another world is possible.” philosophy, which means hope, is under great threat of censorship and auto censorship which has not been seen in history of men. We are witnessing the prohibitions of art, the demolishing of art institutions and the efforts of destroying imagination and creativity of artists while lies, threats, blackmails, raids and profiteering are killing the morals of society.

TAKSAV (Foundation of Social Researches, Culture and Art), which has built for “ to contribute development of society and culture with independent and democratic percipience and to assist development of creative and inquiring thoughts”, are relocating Theatre Festival to İzmir for the 7th time after 23 years experience at Ankara. We are proceeding International İzmir Theatre Festival by mixing our Ankara experience with İzmir’s local values.

New percipience, modern thoughts are reaching to the society most efficiently and permanently by art. Carnivals, festivals are the places that unites all society for sharing and solidarity. Because of this, festivals are the source of power which refreshing society, spiriting enthusiasm and solidarity up that people are not used to.

We will feel value and power of art with artists and art lovers at the Festival. We are aiming that The Festival will be a vehicle to remove every kind of pressure, censorship and limitation over art and artists. Theater – as an art form which expresses itself face to face- to become voice of the thinking, questioning, resisting mind against the surrendering, submissive mind of violence which voraciously destroying nature.

Theater to become the voice of peace, hope and courage against the war that damages our unity and will to live together. The ones who keep their hope alive for a free, bright and better country, Together to the theater halls, to the Festival!

Applications of Festival, which will be between 07-17 December 2018, can be made until 27th July 2018. If you interested in joining the Festival you must fill the application form out and transmit the requirements below. We look forward for your applications, thanks for your interest.


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Application Form

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