The city open air theatre with 16 thousand people capacity was established by ancient greeks, the big famous writer Victor Hugo wrote a poem and mentioned the city like as a “princess” even he did not see it; different cultures, life styles and religions lived together since thousand years with peacefully and solidarity, which is the precursor one in our theatre history, İzmir; today searching of having again exciteful works performed by the young theatre players, like as street theatre, saloon theatre and experimental theatre. The private theatres, amateur theatres, improvised theatres and school groups which are the different colours of the range, trying to establish the theatre again as the part of the life in İzmir.

TAKSAV (Toplumsal Araştırmalar Kültür ve Sanat Vakfı – TAKSAV Foundation for Social Research, Culture and Art"), which has built for “ to contribute development of society and culture with independent and democratic percipience and to assist development of creative and inquiring thoughts”, are relocating Theatre Festival to İzmir for the 4th time after 19 yeared experience at Ankara. We are proceeding International İzmir Theatre Festival with thema of “FEEDOM” by mixing our Ankara experience with İzmir’s local values.


Bringing together theatre companies from Turkey and abroad with the audience, International İzmir Theatre Festival, first held in 2012, is an international event organised during ten days in October.

We will feel value and power of art with artists and artlovers at the Festival. We are aiming that The Festival will be a vehicle to remove every kind of pressure, censorship and limitation over art and artists.



Art is a important fact to create independent society which contributes culture and leads men and society to modern world. New percipiences, modern thoughts can be reached to the society most efficiently and permanently by art. Art, which gives meaning to the world and makes it liveable, have been voice of conscience against the carnages and deaths of mankind’s history. And it will be.


Art and artist, which are adversative in their esence, shares every wrong in every situtation. They don’t bow down to the power or the dominant ones. Art requires to being free by forcing limits of imagination, to being independent and to destroying stereotyped rules. Art, which is concrete form of “Another world is possible.” philosophy, which means hope, is under great threat of censorship and auto censorhip which has not been seen in history of men.


Izmir International Theater Festival will take place to underline the artistic intersections, similarities and distinctions; to increase the interaction and sharing; to strengthen the friendship and cultural solidarity among different cultures and countries. 

The festival will take place at the international level with the participation of local and national theater groups as well.  


Festivals are a combination of cultural and artistic events of all types which the public can take a part also. They have diverse properties such as solidarity, fraternity, creativity, and productivity. They have an outstanding characteristic in fostering human relations at national and international levels. The participants are expected to be from various countries including city theaters, university communities, private theaters, amateur societies, children's theaters, experimental theaters, and the others.

In this respect, Izmir International Theatre Festival will take place in Izmir every year with the objectives and the goals are shown below;

  • To introduce and publicize the art of theater,
  • To strengthen the links between people and  theater, 
  • To raise the level of society's aesthetic pleasure via theater, 
  • To present different perspectives and experiences of theatre groups and people from other nations ,
  • To introduce and develop an understanding of alternative theater,
  • To encourage and support amateur and professional theater groups,
  • To give seminars and workshops to enhance the quality of theater productions,
  • To encourage these activities across the country,
  • To organize sponsors' contributions who are expected to be the supporters of art. 
  •  The groups and productions in the festival are expected to present a new perspective to the audience and the world of art.

Lack of linkage between the societies of contemporary art leads to unmeet expectations of a livable world and also hinders the development of creative and free thought. To avoid this discontinuity, especially it is expected that companies and institutions support art and such kind of organizations. 

Finally, we believe in the power of theater which would bring peace and solidarity together in an artistic way which was once the style of life in Izmir. We would like to rejuvenate that artistic style with the support of all stakeholders.

We are aiming to arrange a meeting between esthetics, fellowship and sharing at the Festival…


 During the festival, we aim to introduce a ‘Social Responsibility Project’ targeted for people who have never been to a theater. In this respect, we will welcome 5 thousand people who have never been to a theater before within 5 years in Izmir.  In project scope; more than 6 thousand people (6.973 audiences)  were staying free in theaters during first five years.




The festival hosts carefully selected companies and artists that open up new horizons for both the audience and the art world.

The attendance of the first five years Festival had reached 38 .024

The festival hosts national and international 156 theatre groups and more than 1.200  artists during first 5 years.. 

İzmir Thetre Festival presents one Honorary Award and one Outstanding Service Award each year.  And also organize a Short Play Competition.


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