Theme of 2017 : COURAGE...


Courage is the determination to do what is right.


And that is why sometimes one’s words, one’s objection becomes the first step towards freedom, embracing everyone.


And the ones, who take this first step, are always remembered as the ones, who never give up dreaming.


We owe all these values to these people, who stood by their dreams courageously. Values, which must be protected once again.


Today, once again, we are in need of the creative courage of Afife Jale, who stood against solitude and cruel darkness, that haunted her.


TAKSAV-Izmir International Theater Festival will once again be on stages for 10 days between 8th and 18th December, with more than 30 plays, all themed after “COURAGE”.


We, who have words to say and dreams to defend, are setting off for the 6th time, dreaming of commonizing our courage, which we have been feeding with the healing power of theater.


Humanity built everything what is beautiful, owing to the courage of people, who have never submitted to cruelty of the authority. In despite of darkness, we stand together; with consciousness, with determined and creative courage.


As we leave the last words to Goethe, we hope you enjoy the plays:

“Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it... begin it!”

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