TAKSAV (Foundatıon of Socıal Researches, Culture and Art) is searching volunteers for the 6th izmir Internatıonal Theatre Festıval which will come true at 8th to 18th December 2017.


The festival has been organized by about 200 institutional suppoters and volunteers's contributions. the Festival, that  aiming to arrange a meeting between esthetics, fellowship and sharing, had ;


  • 38.024 audiences,
  •      162 theatre groups,
  • and around 1.500 guest artists in first five years.


You can contribute to The Festival at one of the headlines that listed below;


* Opening - Closing organizations,

* Public relations,

* Visual content works,

* Running the daily routines,

* Logistics,

* Host/Hostess,

* Web design,

* Social media,

* Sponsorship studies,

* Translations.


Volunteers has a great role for organization. These studies accelerates TAKSAV's effectiveness and gives opportunities to volunteers to share their experiences about their interests. Gives  opportunities to experience the process of organization. If you are interested about being a VOLUNTEER please contact us.


We are expecting your contributions.


Committee of Izmir Theatre Festival


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