Theater Application Form


    The Theather’s




    Please enclose all technical datas;

    (Please also keep in mind that the decoration of the stage is on your theatre. Festival team don't take any responsibility regarding the decoration.)


    The following documents should be sent to Tick ​​available documents.

    (The requirements above are important for publicity and advertising about the festival. Please make ready every bit of them. The photos and documents will not be sent back. The applications won’t be evaluated if there are missing requirements.… )

    IV) TERMS :

    1. Applications will be ended at 31th August 2022 with fulfilled Application Form and other adds.
    2. The deadline for completing the missing materials is 7th September 2022. Deficiencies, which effects the program of the festival, (lack of video of the Play, lack of brief story etc.) can cause disqualifications of the groups.
    3. Groups are responsible to translation of the text to Turkish for subtitle,
    4. Groups are responsible for all kinds of copyrights for their plays. Festival has no responsibility about that matter.
    5. Groups must fullfill Application Form.
    6. Groups must attend with a Play which is mentioned at Application Form. Therefore groups must be apply with a Play that they can complete until Festival date.
    7. Groups can not join to the Festival with plays that they acted at former İzmir International Theatre Festival. It is not important that the plays are performed before (except former festivals) or unperformed.
    8. Festival Committee will reply to the applications from 10th November 2022 to your e-mail.
    9. Groups must provide decor, costumes and supplementary materials (iron, hair dryer etc.) on their own. Festival is not responsible to provide them.

    Application will not be considered in lack of any of these.
    Thanks are in order for your interest.