Dear Theatre and Arts Community
TAKSAV – The Social Research Culture and Arts Foundation, has been organising the
International Ankara Theatre Festival continuously since 1996, along with organising the International Izmir Theatre Festival for the past 8 years. Our current experiences with Covid-19 virus has affected our entire humanity one way or another. It seems unlikely that theeffects of the virus will disappear in the upcoming days.
The publicity of our new plays, to bring up and coming young actors, play-writers,representing the different approaches to theatre around the globe through this festival with our audiences, is one of our significant aims.
As TAKSAV and Festival Collectives, we are not very happy about the the decision to postpone
our festival which we have been organising regularly for a quarter century. However, in these conditions, we have taken these measures knowing how difficult it will be financially and
In an environment where this virus seems to become more widespread, we believe that our community and audience will understand the reasoning for postponing our festivals until
further notice.
In the upcoming days, we are hopeful for wider audiences, coming together with colourful plays, with that wish as TAKSAV and Festival Collectives we send our gratitude to all our audiences and community.
Stay with art, stay healthy,
Sincerelly Yours,

TAKSAV Festival Organizing Committee
The Social Research Culture and Arts Foundation

Note; The process regarding the 5th Short Play Writing Contest, one of the activities of the Izmir
Theater Festival, will continue. Applications will be received until 16 November 2021 as stated in
the specification and the evaluation process will be carried out and the results will be

Sosyal Medyada Paylaş