TAKSAV (Foundatıon of Socıal Researches, Culture and Art) is searching volunteers for the 9th izmir Internatıonal Theatre Festıval which will come true at 4th to 14th December 2020
Festivals are a combination of cultural and artistic events of all types which the public can take a part as well. They have diverse properties such as solidarity, fraternity, creativity, and productivity. They have an outstanding characteristic in fostering human relations at national and international levels. The participants are expected to be from various countries including city theaters, university communities, private theaters, amateur societies, children’s theaters, experimental theaters, and the others.
In this respect, Izmir International Theatre Festival takes place in Izmir every year with the objectives and the goals as outlined below;
■ To introduce and publicize the art of theater,
■ To strengthen the links between people and theater,
■ To raise the level of society’s aesthetic pleasure via theater,
■ To present different perspectives and experiences of theatre groups and people from other nations,
■ To introduce and develop an understanding of alternative theater,
■ To encourage and support amateur and professional theater groups
 ■ To give seminars and workshops to enhance the quality of theater productions,
■ To encourage these activities across the country,
■ To organize sponsors’ contributions who are expected to be the supporters of art.
■ The groups and productions in the festival are expected to present a new perspective to the audience and the world of art.
The festival has been organized by about 200 institutional suppoters and volunteers’s contributions.
International izmir Theatre Festival had ;more than 55 thousand  audiences, 241 theatre or show groups and around 1.800 guest artists in first six years.
You can contribute to The Festival by filling the form below;

Volunteers Application Form 

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Volunteers has a great role for organization. These studies accelerates TAKSAV’s effectiveness and gives opportunities to volunteers to share their experiences about their interests. Gives  opportunities to experience the process of organization. If you are interested about being a VOLUNTEER please contact us.

We are expecting your contributions.

Committee of Izmir Theatre Festival