Manifest 2019


‘Quo vadis Roma?’
do not ask.
Just like in our own land
the same sun drenches the land here…
But shush, Taranta-Babu
with love
and respect,
And listen:
in the suburbs of Rome
the sound of the breaking chains
of Spartacus.

Nazım addresses Taranta-Babu as he paints the picture of his era so that we can pass through the sun and soak our feet in the sea. Not to stand with someone, but to be able to act together!

Nothing has ever been achieved through words, at any time in history. What ‘we could’ is now purple among what ‘we could not’!

Being able to act together, sharing the unshared
Being able to act together, being worthy of our dreams
Being able to act together, opening doors to a world where beautiful smells, sounds
and colours communicate
Being able to act together, discovering the sandy beach under pavements.
Being able to act together, being alone together
One is MANY!

TAKSAV-8th Izmir International Theater Festival opens its curtains with a theme: “We can act together!”, bringing plays around the world together. Years ago, by shouting “We are, as we walk together!” a landless educator created a pedagogy that touches hearts. In order to realize impossible dreams, we are shouting: “We are, as we act together!”

Until we meet at the ecstacy of “acting together” with artists and friends who are limitless, instruments of extraordinary sensibility, rejectors of alienation; who know how to draw water from nothingness, who tell what we cannot remember, who do not let anything stay in shadows, who bring the others together…

Colours of the world, unite!

Manifesto 2019